Center For Civic Life Holds Talk On Protecting Your Identity

  • 10/12/2017 1:01:19 PM
  • Larry Stine
  • Local News

ASHLAND, OH - The Center for Civic Life at Ashland University held a community conversation on protecting your identity Wednesday night at the Ashland Public Library.

The topic of discussion was "Protect Your Identity - How To Prevent Cyber Attacks," which featured a conversation to learn more about cyber security with experts from Ashland University's IT Department and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

"The thrust of it is there's a lot of things you can do that are simple and can help you protect your identity and protect your personal information," says Charles Ash, with the Ohio Department of Transportation's Office of Infrastructure Management. "And so we have some strategies on how to do that, things from an IT perspective that can help you, things that we do on a regular basis that someone who's not in IT might not think about doing that are really simple yet powerful things you can do."

One of the largest failures is someone will use the same password for everything, or they'll use the same password with different numbers. 

"And in any event, the password is not complex enough to prevent hackers from being successful at guessing the password," Ash says. "It takes less than a minute to crack a password that is nine characters or less, so we can show them effective ways to avoid that problem."

Ash also says you need to update your devices, all of them.

"People don't think about all of the devices that are connected to the web right now but your computer is an obvious one right," Ash says. "Windows updates the second Tuesday of every month. If your computer is not set up to do automatic updates, you should do automatic updates and then you should go back and still do the important updates."

But, Ash says I-Phones, Android phones, whatever phone you have, it also gets updates.

"The applications on there also get updates so if you have it on your machine and you use it, keep it updated," Ash says. "If you have it on your machine and don't use it, uninstall it. And if you are asked to install something that you weren't looking for, don't install it."

The Center for Civic Life leads discussions on problem areas in communities in the belief citizens working and thinking together is the best way to work toward solutions.

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