Rep. Pat Tiberi's STOP Act, Halt Drugs At Their Source

  • 8/31/2017 11:30:19 AM
  • Larry Stine
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - As a part of recognizing Thursday as International Overdose Awareness Day, 12th District U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi of Ohio is leading the way on bi-partisan legislation called the STOP Act.

It's an effort to stop dangerous synthetic drugs like fentanyl from coming into the United States through packages in the U.S. Postal Service.

The Synthetics Trafficking and Overdose Prevention Act or the STOP Act is bipartisan legislation designed to help stop dangerous synthetic drugs like fentanyl from being shipped through our borders from countries like China to drug traffickers here in the U.S.

Republican U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi and U.S. Senator Rob Portman are trying to stop this illegal practice with the STOP Act, which would require mail sent through the U.S. Postal Service from other countries to list who sent it, who is receiving it and what's in it so U.S. Customs can better identify counterfeit packages.

"And Senator Portman and I are leading a bipartisan effort, he in the Senate and me in the House, of trying to stop drug use, drug lords, from using the Postal Service to bringing in these synthetic drugs through the mail service," Tiberi says. "We're promoting that, especially on a day that highlights the overdose issue and trying to provide awareness of this deadly problem we're facing, not in just this community and the state but across the country."

Tiberi says fentanyl is a particularly powerful synthetic drug that can prove to be lethal.

"And police officers, by the way, need to use protective gear because if they touch it, they could O-D by touching the drug," Tiberi says. "And to show how powerful the drug is if you look at a penny with Lincoln's head on it, a piece of fentanyl the size of Lincoln's ear on the penny, is deadly." 

Tiberi says this is a crisis that must be addressed, not just here in Ohio, but everywhere.

"We have 435 members of the House and we have nearly 250 Republicans and Democrats on my bill, the STOP Act, so I look forward to getting this thing done and across the finish line," Tiberi says. "It's just one piece of a complicated problem that's going to have to take multiple directions of trying to solve it. Having the fentanyl reduced from coming in at the border is an important step but it's just one step."

Tiberi says by one estimate, there are 11 overdoses a day in Ohio, which is unacceptable and it impacts every community.

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