California Group Searches For Bigfoot In Ohio

  • 4/10/2017 9:36:01 AM
  • Larry Stine
  • Local News

GIRARD, OH - A group that’s looking for Bigfoot drove all the way from California because they believe the creature is hiding out in Girard, Ohio.

Could Bigfoot be hiding in Girard?

"Let's bait over a branch there and hang it and set up a camera over there," says T.J. Biscardi of Searching for Bigfoot Inc.

Searching for Bigfoot Incorporated believes so.

They drove here from California as part of their $1-million bounty competition for the creature.

The group is here because of a picture that was taken by Xavier King.

King was driving home to Youngstown, when he said he say Bigfoot, twice.

The second time, he got out and took a picture.

"I had seen something, I don't know what it was," King says. "I had seen something, that's all I know but I got out and took a picture."

He took the photo to his friend, Angela Britt, who's a firm believer in Bigfoot,

She went online and contacted Searching for Bigfoot.

"He said send me the pictures. I'm going to send them to my lab and send  you back the results and he did with the diagram with the head, the legs, the arms and everything," Britt says.

T.J. Biscardi, the director of operations for Searching for Bigfoot, said he gets more sightings here in Ohio during this time of year because the creatures are migrating north.

"We know they use rivers and creeks as by-ways and freeways," Biscardi says. "Food, vegetation that they could eat. All of this was in those pictures."

The group travels the country for nine months out of the year and gathers evidence based on sightings.

T.J. says based on their research, the creatures mainly travel and feed at night.

If they see it, he says they'll tranquilize it.

So. they're going to be camping out here the entire weekend to wait and see if they can catch the big guy.

"So, we're jumping up in front and hopefully, with the team ready, we'll get a capture, one of these creatures and bring it back and prove to the world that they do exist," Biscardi says.

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